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We Take Care of the following Activities:

Feasibility Study for the Enquiry:

Once the enquiry is received with Complete details, we can provide you with an initial feedback on the feasibility of supplies. The initial step avoids big time delays and viability anticipations.

Short Listing of Vendors:

In this world of net connectivity, it is easy to get a never ending list of suppliers for any product. Suitability, in terms of Quality, is the most needed aspects to narrow down the potential list of Suppliers. ZEEMRAH with the Client Inputs, provides the most suitable potential vendor which in turn helps us to concentrate on our procurement efforts.

Verification & Qualifying Vendors through Audit:

With a view not to lose Customers, Manufacturers have tall claims on their capabilities. It is almost impossible to evaluate this without complete input. Here comes the ZEEMRAH advantage of local presence and auditing experience. The short listed vendor can be audited on the basis of formats provided by the Clients or we have our well tested method to access the potential vendors. The client can decide based on such processed information. Our outputs can be in the forms of audit reports, suggestions, photos and specific observations.

Involvement in Negotiating Contracts:

If the mere price numerical is sufficient to make decisions, engineering quotes can be closed with ease. There are so many other factors that contribute to the wholeness and make the quote safe, sufficient and meaningful to all parties involved. ZEEMRAH assists in arriving at such mutually safe and viable contracts between the buyer and vendor.

Monitoring Development & Sample Approval:

Almost all the engineering enquiries are non standard requirements. Very few ask for off-the-shelf products/ components. So, most of the supplies require development like pattern/ tool development, jigs & fixture development, gauges for inspection, etc. this will usually be followed by sample approval. Only after this, can vendors get into the bulk supply. ZEEMRAH monitors, Coordinates, follows and reports these development stages to clients on a regular basis.

Inspecting Product Quality & Reporting Production Stages:

On time delivery is equally important than price and quality. With due respect to this aspects of supply chain, ZEEMRAH physically inspect, monitors and reports the production stages during bulk supply. In case of clients requirement of inspecting the work-in-process/ finished goods/ technical reports/ packing/ other aspects, ZEEMRAH can take up such jobs with a reporting format very convenient for the client.

Logistics & Payment Follow Up:

Flow of materials, money and information are the three major factors determining long term success for any engineering procurement. With the same authority with which we act on behalf of the buyers, we take responsibility for timely vendor payments. Convenient logistic arrangement and coordination with carrying & Forwarding agents can be taken care by ZEEMRAH.

Arranging Vendor Visit:

Whatever be the frequency of travel, one faces practical problems away from home. ZEEMRAH can arrange for vendor visits and coordinate activities in aspects like booking hotels, arranging travel to factory, organizing meetings, local communication and required business facilitations.